Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thing #23

Yeah I've finally reached the end.

I totally enjoyed the Maryland 23 Thing project. I like challenges and I sure learned new things. (23 to be exact)

My favorite exercise was thing #10. I never knew there was a program that would make a animated me. I enjoyed playing with the avatar and meez websites. Each of the exercises and discoveries had something that was interesting. This program is able to assist in making some of my job easy by getting up dated reviews on books from a RSS feed, being able to post my opinion of books and materials on LibraryThing or even able to do a quick search with Rollyo.

I think that some of the exercises could have had more helpful tips. I think that having a weekly check-in email help staff stay on track.

I would participate if another discovery program. Again, I enjoyed the project and I think that others would enjoy it if they would just give it a chance.

Thing # 22

Downloading audio books is a good way to save time. Someone can download book and complete assignments at the same time. However, when I went to the website NetLibrary and created an account. I was able to bring up the author's I would like to download, but couldn't figure out how to download it. I beleive it just wasn't available to download.

Thing # 21

I was able to pull some interesting feeds from the podcast sites. The one thing that I found useful is once the subject you are searching is found and you subscribe to it, your blogline is updated as soon as the information is posted. That would save time for someone who is doing research a need the info quickly instead of navigating through websites.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thing # 20

Can you say too much time. This person clearly needs some extra work to do. The website is easy to navigate through. I enjoyed watching the different types of video's. I could see some training functions recorded and played at a training session. Check out my YouTube find.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thing # 19

I searched in Games2web and I liked that it had a variety of categories to choose from. When I don't have something specific the do on the web then I like to play a game or 2, so I need a variety of games to pick from. This could be used in a library setting if you are playing a word puzzle or something.

Thing # 18

As I said in my Google Document. This is really neat, but I was trying to post it on my blog and it wasn't working. So, I'm going to try it again.

Thing # 17

This exercise was really easy and fun. It was interesting to see what everyones likes and dislikes are. People are so open to share there interests.